A Special Pre-Holiday Offer For Our Members

T’is a few weeks before Christmas and before things get crazy,

you’re sitting around the house; too much energy to be lazy

When all of a sudden on your favorite music station,

You hear the hosts speak and ask for a donation.

Public radio relies on support from our fans

and this weekend we can say thanks

if you have room in your plans.

Check out our member benefits like a special discount code.

Go see Barry Manilow perform and get out of your abode.

Your price is just half; or two tickets for the price of one.

The Westgate’s the place for some pre-Holiday fun

On Boney James and Najee and our friends The Jazz Eclectic

On Aretha and Michael Jackson and Sting and sounds electric

We want to say thanks and we’re so glad that you listen

We wish you a holiday with all things that glisten!