April 29, 2014: Nevadans for the Common Good

Host Gary Larson and regular contributors Matt Hufman and David Damore discuss the continuing saga in Bunkerville surrounding Cliven Bundy and the lack of media coverage dedicated to the militia which has been rallied to Bundy’s cause. The pannel also reflects on the recent report which listed Nevada as 50th out of 50 states for high school graduates and what Nevada needs to do to improve graduation K12 outcomes.
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Two years ago, members of several faith based organizations from across the Las Vegas Valley gathered at UNLV and launched a group called Nevadans for the Common Good. That group lobbied to strengthen laws on child sex trafficking, and last year’s legislature passed those laws. On May 13th the group is gathering again to set more priorities. Host Gary Larson sits down with group organizers Robert Hoo and Pastor Dennis Hutson to talk about what’s next.
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Nevadans for the Common Good