Author: Jeniffer Solis

Nevada Health (March 26, 2018): Concussions and CTE

Las Vegas is known as The Fight Capital of the World and researchers in Las Vegas are working to better understand long-term effects of repetitive head trauma and improve the safety of combat sports. Athletes face constant head trauma as part of their career, especially boxers, UFC fighters and NFL more »

UNLV Speaks (March 12, 2018): What is Literary Activism?

UNLV writers José Orduña, author of The Weight of Shadows: A Memoir of Immigration and Displacement, and Douglas Unger, author of the political-issue based novels Leaving the Land and Voices from Silence, have a conversation about literary activism in today’s political climate. How can literary writing engage struggles for justice more »

Nevada Health (March 12, 2018): Nevada Drug Policy

Last year, Nevada saw the highest increase of emergency room visits for opioid overdose of any state in the West at 18 percent. The opioid crisis is going to require the convergence of medicine, law, and policy to find a solution. Here to speak about policy solutions is David Orentlicher, more »