UNLV Speaks (November 5, 2018): October 1: Who are We and How Do We Heal? – A Talk by Dr. Erika Gisela Abad

In this episode, a presentation from the Forum Lecture series presented by Dr. Erika Gisela Abad, UNLV Professor of Interdisciplinary, Gender and Ethnic Studies. Her talk goes over Mary Corey March’s interactive wall installation, Identity Tapestry (Iteration #12 Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art) (2017). The interactive art installation was brought to more »

Caesars Entertainment drops marijuana testing in hiring process

Caesars Entertainment is dropping marijuana drug testing for potential employees. The company is joining others across the country in dropping the tests. According to the Associated Press, many employers, especially in states where marijuana is legal, are having trouble hiring people who do not test positive for pot. A Caesars more »

Chocolates and Mob Museum Tickets for Mom!

This Mother’s Day, treat your mom to something a little different and take her to the Mob Museum! At the Mob Museum she’ll see an authentic view of organized crime’s impact on the world and get an insider’s look at the events and characters of the continuing battle between the more »