UNLV Speaks

UNLV Speaks (March 06, 2018): Breakout Poet, Chen Chen

Tonight’s lecture will feature a reading by breakout poet Chen Chen as part of The Black Mountain Institute’s emerging writers series. Chen Chen will be reading original poetry from his book When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities. His poetry has appeared in The more »

UNLV Speaks (February 26, 2018): Footnotes with Amanda Fortini

In October, Amanda Fortini documented the Route 91 shooting for the The New Yorker magazine News Desk. Featuring interviews with survivors. Tonight, Fortini will give a brief reading of her articles followed by a conversation about how she conducted the interviews, as well as her writing method and influences. Direct more »

UNLV Speaks (February 19, 2018): Jane Austen, Then and Now

Professor of English at Arizona State University, Devoney Looser, gives a lecture on how Jane Austen, a moderetly successful English novelist in her own lifetime, became an international literary icon including some unsung innovators who turned Austen into a household name. Direct Download