Clay Matthews filing grievance against Los Angeles Rams

Linebacker Clay Matthews will file a grievance against the Los Angeles Rams to seek payment of $2 million owed in guarantees, ESPN reported Wednesday. Matthews, a six-time Pro Bowl selection, was cut by the Rams last month. Matthews was let go with one season remaining on a two-year, $16.75 million deal.

Matthews reportedly requested that the NFL Players Association file the grievance, according to the report. The Rams also owe money to recently released running back Todd Gurley. Los Angeles reportedly is on the hook for $7.55 million, though offset language in the contract could reduce that amount by $2.5 million due to Gurley signing with a new team, the Atlanta Falcons. Gurley, who landed a one-year, $5.5 million deal with the Falcons last month, tweeted about the Rams’ failure to pay up on April 8.

“They’re definitely owed money. That money is guaranteed, we’re going to pay them,” Snead told NFL Network. “There’s some language in the contract of exactly when you pay them, and that’s what we’re adhering by. What I do know is both Clay and Todd earned that money and they’re going to get that money.”