George Lyons

George Lyons - KUNV 91.5 Jazz & MoreThe Lyons Den
Sundays | 8 p.m. – Midnight

“When I came to town, KUNV was the only radio station that was pushing the envelope in music.” It still is! “I knew this would be the only place in Las Vegas where I could create the show I’ve always wanted to do!”

George Lyons has been in the music industry in one form or another since the late 70’s. A native of Los Angeles, George moved to Las Vegas in 1996 after a five-year residency as director of entertainment at the Roxbury nightclub in Hollywood, California. After spending 14 years on the road following the Grateful Dead, attending more than 350 shows, he became interested in the “Jamband culture” and the music that surrounds it.

A self-proclaimed musicologist and professional club DJ, George simply loves music of all types. As he says, “Music is the healing force,” and he tries to showcase that feeling in the The Lyons Den, his four-hour Sunday night show on KUNV.

The Lyons Den is the only radio show in southern Nevada where you will hear jambands, along with a wide variety of eclectic rock and jazz, down-tempo European after-hours tracks, and live concert recordings.

George tries to create what he likes to call “the groove” each week by playing long sets of music that weave together into a single fabric of sound. It’s as if you’re at his house thumbing through his albums, CD’s, and tapes saying, “Hey, let’s listen to this!”