Pamela Black

Pamela Black - KUNV 91.5 Jazz & MorePamela’s Place
Saturday | 8 – 10 a.m.

Jazz at Pamela’s Place is a show that brings individuals together through music! It’s a connection between the myself and the listener; creating a positive balance of instrumentation and spiritual rejuvenation. It’s a place of musical sensations that implement beautiful ballads and cool crunchy beats that will leave you refreshed and wanting MORE of Jazz at Pamela’s Place!

Favorite musician: Brian Simpson

Favorite vacation spot: Cabo San Lucas

Favorite concert: Vino Del Lago Inaugural Jazz Festival

If calories weren’t a thing what would you eat everyday? Shrimp Po-Boy Sandwich’s with Avocado

Fun fact: I was hosting my first concert (2001-the year I stated with KUNV) in Summerlin at Hills Park. I had never seen, Paul Taylor, Pamela Williams or Marion Meadows before and while back stage getting ready to bring on Paul Taylor there was a sax man there getting ready. I asked the producer (probably too loud) “is that Paul Taylor?” The artist heard me and snapped his head around and said, “NO!! I’m Marion Meadows!!!” I was so embarrassed, I wanted to run for the hills…Literally!!! Since then I research the artist and make sure I see a PICTURE!! Ha ha ha!