Sam Mann

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Favorite musician: Hands down, Louis Armstrong! As a child I became wildly fascinated with the talents of Ol’ Satchmo. My poor family must have been sick of hearing Mack the Knife & Hello Dolly on constant repeat.

Favorite vacation spot: I’d have to go with San Diego. It’s a stunning city with decedent food and lovely people. You’ll most likely find me on the shores of La Jolla or catching a baseball game at Petco Park!

Favorite concert: It’s nearly impossible to narrow it down but if I really had to… I’ll chose a Bon Iver show from 2012. Every aspect of the performance, from staging to sound, was truly breathtaking. I remember walking away that night with the determination to one day touch people’s lives through music. That show shaped the driving passion for where I am today.

If calories weren’t a thing what would you eat everyday? Ice cream, BBQ, all the pastas and then some more ice cream 😉

Fun fact: As a child, I lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a few years. During that time I learned both English and Portuguese. Now as an adult, I am still often asked: “Where is your accent from?” I don’t hear it… but I guess others do!