July 01, 2014: Nevada History (Part 2)

This week, producer Dave Nourse and regular contributors David Damore, Matt Hufman and Elizabeth Thompson discuss the report released by the Guinn Center for Policy Priorities noting Nevada’s Latino population growth exceeds other western states, yet Latinos in Nevada often fare worse than Latinos in other Intermountain Western states. The panel also discuss the milestone recently reached by the DMV in issuing Driver Authorization Cards to undocumented Nevada residents, and the eye-poppingly large sum of money the UNLV foundation has offered Hillary Rodham Clinton to speak at its fall fundraiser.
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2014 marks the 150th anniversary of Nevada joining the Union. Our Metropolis is honoring the sesquicentennial all year by sharing some of the unique history of the Silver State. In this segment of Our Metropolis host Gary Larson concludes his interview with Nevada historian Mike Greene. In this segment Mike shares some insight into just what it took to make Nevada the Nation’s 31st state.
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Guinn Center for Policy Priorities Report