July 08, 2014: A Sovereign Nation in our Backyard

This week, host Gary Larson and regular contributors David Damore and Elizabeth Thompson discuss the recent New York Times article proclaiming Reno, NV as America’s next tech industry hub. The panel debates the merits of the article and transitions into a conversation about what it will take for Nevada to see the growth of industries outside of gaming and mining.
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Most residents of southern Nevada would be surprised to learn that when they drive through downtown Las Vegas they might actually be driving through a sovereign nation. The Las Vegas Paiute Indian tribe was given a ten acre tract of land in downtown Las Vegas over 100 years ago, and since they’ve been reestablishing strong ties to an area that had been their ancestral home. Host Gary Larson sits down with tribal chairman Benny Tso to talk about the Las Vegas Paiute tribe and what the local colony can tell us about the area we call home.
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Las Vegas Paiute Tribe