July 29, 2014: Las Vegas … A Smart City

This week, producer Dave Nourse and regular contributors David Damore and Elizabeth Thompson discuss Steve Sebelius’ recent column in the Review Journal where he bashes critics of the proposed Education Initiative/Margin Tax. The panel also examines Zoom Schools and the difference they could make with Nevada’s most vulnerable children. They conclude with a discussion of Sen. Harry Reid’s influence over the Latin Chamber of Commerce’s Lt. Governor endorsement.

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Las Vegas is often associated with sophisticated dining, premier entertainment and flashy nightlife. One characteristic not typically associated with Las Vegas, though, is intellect. Unfortunately, it’s not that hard to find people who have plenty of disparaging things to say about our city and its residents. One person not on this bandwagon, though, is UNLV professor Bo J. Bernhard. In this segment, host Gary Larson sits down for part one of a two-part interview with Bo about why Las Vegas defies expectations and is, in fact, a smart city.

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Steve Sebelius’ Review Journal Column

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