June 17, 2014: Nevada Archaeology

This week, host Gary Larson and regular contributors Matt Hufman and Elizabeth Thompson discuss the lack of surprises during the recent Nevada state primary and questions why State democrats have been reluctant to challenge Gov. Brian Sandoval despite several high profile scandals and disasters. Additionally, the panel examines a recent report published by The Atlantic detailing the educational backgrounds of individuals migrating to the Las Vegas Valley and what the influx means to the State economy and the future of our community.
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The field of archaeology is often romanticized in films and on television, but in actuality it’s grueling work requiring patience and dedication. In this segment of Our Metropolis, host Gary Larson sits down with Daron Duke, Director of the Far Western Anthropological Research Group and Nick Pay from the Bureau of Land Management who oversees the Lincoln County Archaeological Initiative to discuss some of the important historical work going on right in our backyard.
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