May 20, 2014: A Chat with NLV Mayor John Lee

This week, host Gary Larson and regular contributors David Damore and Elizabeth Thompson discuss CCSD Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky’s pledge to allow a group of area business leaders to scrutinize the district’s $2.1 billion budget to ensure taxpayer resources are being spent appropriately. The panel also discuss the recent spate of stadium and arena proposals and just what effect they might have on the community.
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The great recession took an enormous toll on all of Nevada, but one of the State’s hardest hit areas was the City of North Las Vegas. Six years after the start of the recession, though, things are starting to look up for the city. This week, host Gary Larson talks with North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee about how the State’s fourth largest city is doing and just what we can expect from NLV in the future.
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The City of North Las Vegas