May 27, 2014: Improving Public Health in Southern Nevada

This week, host Gary Larson and regular contributors David Damore, Matt Hufman, and Elizabeth Thompson discuss the circumstances surrounding the withdraw of Las Vegas’ bid to host the 2016 Republican National Convention. The panel also discuss the merits of the lawsuit recently filed against the State alleging that employers, aided by the state’s labor commissioner, have systematically evaded a requirement of a 2006 constitutional amendment to provide low-income workers with health care.
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Nevada frequently finds itself at the bottom of many lists tracking American’s quality of life. Public health, however, is one list where we’ve been seeing some marked improvements. In this segment of Our Metropolis, host Gary Larson speaks with Shawn Gerstenberger, Dean of UNLV’s School of Community Health Sciences, about some of the ways we’ve been tackling our region’s health challenges.
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