About the Host

Gary Larson | Host, Our Metropolis

Gary LarsonI have been fortunate to serve as the Undergraduate Coordinator for the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies since 2005; it’s a position I enjoy as it allows me to work with students throughout their entire college careers, particularly in the JOUR 100 course that I designed specifically for brand new students at the university level, and in the JOUR 424 course that finds my students producing a live, half-hour newscast for the web each weekday for ten weeks every semester. So I get to see students at the very beginning of their college careers…and, for many of them, at the very end. It is very satisfying to see the personal and professional growth in students over the four or five years that I have contact with them, and even more satisfying when those students move on to jobs in the industry or on to graduate school.