Women’s Voices | Gerrie Blake

My life has revolved around three things: my art, my books, and music. My Aquarian curiosity and hunger for the new and the old, has led me to seek out and appreciate many musical forms. In the late 50s I discovered folk music and my ears were forever changed. In the early 70s came the first stirrings of “women’s music”: a new rivulet of folk music. Living in Los Angeles and spending a great deal of time at the now-fabled Women’s Building, I found myself active at the center of this musical movement. Eventually, I returned to Las Vegas and, in the late 80s, an acquaintance offered me the opportunity of taking over her show on KUNV called “Women’s Voices” and I am so glad I took the challenge, for doing this show has been such a joy, has opened my eyes and my ears to areas of music I never suspected. And opening the ears of my listeners has been immensely rewarding. May the sounds of women singing long ring through this valley.