About Steve Edwards

“Steve comes to us by way of London, where he was a part of the music industry before coming to the states. He shares his abundance of love and knowledge of the music with listeners each week.”

Cat Lee-Radio Host

Steve Edwards Soul Show

The Steve Edwards Soul Show-The Soundtrack to Your Soul!

Steve Edwards is from the UK and is also an American citizen. He knows soul and soul/jazz and pop music worldwide. Working from a very wide palate, (his own personal collection), he is able to mix together American Soul, U.K. Soul, Canadian Soul, contemporary jazz, funk , reggae and even pop into great music sets.

His on-air career began over 25 years ago in London, which also included a three year stint at BBC.(Radio1)

Additionally, Steve knows a LOT of artists… but he also knows the engineers, the writers, and the studio musicians… He has immersed himself in this music for years, and listeners are the beneficiaries. People in the industry seem genuinely happy to be talking with him, because he understands their world. Moreover, artists seem to have lots of fun with their recorded shout-outs dropped into the show.

This eclectic, textured, diverse, and informative take on a global Soul music experience is everything that public radio listeners would expect. It surprises, teaches, and entertains – and we are impressed with how much the host knows, based on how few words he has to use to navigate the show. It is Artful. The Steve Edwards Soul Show was inducted into the 14th Annual Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame class of 2014.

Three hours, weekly-Sunday 10AM-1PM (PST)