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01.12.2016, TPND, Prescott Ellison

Jerry R. Smith : February 15, 2016 10:27 pm : The Professional Next Door


On today’s episode of The Professional Next Door, Prescott Ellison talks about Super food Friends, Body Bench and Ellison Lifestyle Group.  In addition we will be discussing his transition from professional musician to becoming a Patented Inventor, Published Author, Cartoonist, Animator, Business Owner and Philanthropist.

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Dr. Becky Watson Speaks about Media Mainstream and New programs included in Salvation Army.

Jerry R. Smith : January 6, 2016 5:42 pm : The Professional Next Door

20151110_Dr Becky Watson, Salvation Army (1)It has been 70 years since Salvation Army has developed into helping others and most of their acts of kindness are still including such things as feeding hundreds and providing shelter for the homeless but unfortunately that is not enough.

Becky Watson expresses her thoughts on why it is so important to stay innovated with society.

The Salvation Army is creating more  programs including programs for the  LGBT community and human trafficking.

Watson who is the public relations coordinator goes into detail of other resources that have partnered with the Salvation Army to help thousands of people right in the city of Las Vegas.

For more information: or call 702 870 4430

Facebook/Twitter/Vine/Periscope: Salvation Army.

Photo Jerry Smith

Creative/Content producer LaMetra Miller

Content/Social Media Coordinator LaMetra Miller



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Michael Bennett Tells How Hollywood Pursued Him

Jerry R. Smith : December 25, 2015 12:30 pm : The Professional Next Door

bennett 13
Author/producer Michael Bennett and Jerry R. Smith Radio Host.

For anyone wanting to break into show business or work in the media field, Michael Bennett can give you  great advice and counsel. Bennett speaks on Hollywood style and what talent scouts and directors are looking for.

Bennett is no stranger to the media with a B.A in Journalism broadcasting  and a producer of  the Travel Channel he is now currently working on a  luxury travel magazine for the black community.

He also explains to Jerry that he really wants people to know what it was like growing up in his world without racism and what it took to open his eyes to it. Which is why Bennett has written a book called 7-10 split My Journey as America’s whitest black kid. Which can be purchased on  or

For more information:



Photo by LaMetra Miller

Content/social media coordinator LaMetra Miller

Creative/Content Producer LaMetra


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Colin Seale Uses The Law To Re-Educate Children

Jerry R. Smith : December 10, 2015 5:50 pm : The Professional Next Door

CEO/Founder of Thinklaw Colin Seale and night time talk show host Jerry R. Smith

Colin Seale,  a Las Vegas attorney, the founder and CEO of ThinkLaw,  has put a twist on educating young children. Seale, with an education degree, knowledge and history of law, says its not about the law but about how you apply the facts to the law.

“ThinkLaw is a program that teaches students lessons on real life cases as a hook to teach kids critical thinking because kids have an inherit sense of fairness and justice.”  He says it is a motivation for him to see students turn critical thinking on to help themselves in academics.

“Teaching our young people to be inquisitive, skeptical and creative about analyzing different facts.”

Seale also said that it is the motivation from the students, the appreciation from the parents as well as the exceeding gratitude from teachers in helping students learn at a different level.

He uses public policy implications as a teaching tool to engage young people in critical thinking.  It is his mission to have all teachers to teach students critical thinking through the ThinkLaw program.

Right now the ThinkLaw Program is in fifteen different organization ranging from high achieving schools and at high risk schools.

For more information go to www. or follow Colin Seale on Facebook, Twitter.

Bio written by Jerry Smith.

Photo by: LaMetra Miller




The Professional Next Door, interview of Colin Seale by Jerry R. Smith on Mixcloud

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Business Man and socialite John Pinnington Express Harsh Reality of Success

Jerry R. Smith : November 20, 2015 8:46 am : The Professional Next Door

jerr and jon

John Pinnington born in Belize but raised England, came to the U.S with great dreams and small fortune. His story of hard work truly is his reality to success.  John owns AA Printing located in the heart of Las  Vegas at 4800 S. Maryland Parkway. His story of how he was able to obtain his business is heartbreaking and inspiring. ” I had to decide whether or not I wanted to keep my home or my business… I chose my business.” Today his business is very successful and has made room for him in the elite social circle of Las Vegas. From being a member of all Chamber organizations to appearing on Danny Vegas Classic and other media venues.

Pinnington Slogan for his business is Same Day Service… “We’ll make it happen.”

He works 24hrs a day to be the best in his business.

Pinnington says “…trust is the key to building clients; determination and persistence is the second key.”

Pinnington says “…you must put in the effort to make anything work.”

Contact number: 702 527 7474

Photo by/LaMetra Miller

Producer/Social Media Coordinator/ LaMetra Miller

John Pinnington, owner of AA Printing in Las Vegas. by Jerry R. Smith on Mixcloud

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