Underwriting is when sponsors support KUNV 91.5 Jazz & More’s unique and diversified programming with paid 30-second announcements.

Businesses reach diverse AND niche audiences, listeners are made aware of products, services and events that are of interest to them, and 91.5 Jazz & More receives the support it needs to continue its delivery of quality, cultural, educational, informational and entertainment programming.

Some interesting statistics:

  • 80% of public radio listeners have a higher opinion of a company when they find out it supports public radio.
  • 75% state that when price and quality are equal, they prefer to buy from companies and organizations that support public radio.

Source: Jacobs Media/Edison Media research 2007

If you’re looking for a smart, effective use of marketing, promotion, or public relations dollars for long-term positioning or top-of-mind awareness, give us a call. We will help you craft a message that reaches desirable demographics, heightens awareness of your products or services, and cultivates a positive image in our community through your association with 91.5 Jazz & More’s award winning and nationally recognized programming.