UNLV brings home the Fremont Cannon after defeating UNR

UNLV’s #26 Jocquez Kalili, #29 Evan Owens, and #20 Jameer Outsey

UNLV defeated UNR over the weekend during senior night, bringing the Fremont Cannon back home to UNLV.  The Fremont Cannon is awarded to the winner of the Battle for Nevada every during the Nevada-UNLV football rivalry.  The teams have been going head to head since 1969 for the trophy.  This year UNLV had a tough battle starting out, coming from behind and winning the game 34-29 on Nov 24.  Once the Fremont Cannon was brought back to UNLV, the team hosted a paint party outside the student union to commemorate their victory and paint the cannon.  Football players, coaches and fans had the opportunity to take photos with the cannon and congratulate the team.